Added new awesome scenes!

Added new awesome scenes!
Particle element

New scenes added in the program ROQED Science:

Category 'Chemistry':
Optical isomerism.

If you hold your right hand up to the mirror, its reflection will be identical to your left palm. That is, the right and left palms are mirror images of each other. They look identical, but can’t be superimposed on each other in space. This property is called chirality.

Introduction to organic chemistry.

All organic molecules known to mankind have been discovered, studied, and subsequently synthesized through organic chemistry. That’s why this section of chemistry is so important.

Particle element
Category 'Biology':
Cell cycle.

The cell cycle is the period of a cell’s existence from its formation to its own division. It consists of two periods: cell growth-interphase and division-mitosis or meiosis.

Stem cells.

What does a new organism come from? From a germ stem cell – a zygote! Stem cells are cells that can self-renew and differentiate into specialized cells, providing a flow of new cells and tissues for the body.

Category 'Physics':

We know that the charges of the same name repel each other. This interaction between the charges is caused by the electric field that exists for each charge.

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