Frequently asked questions

Technical issues:

How do I transfer my Roqed license to another computer?

To transfer a license from one device to another, you will need to contact technical support at:

How can I find out the start date and expiration date of my licenses?

You can go to your personal account in the application and see the number of days and the period until the expiration of the license key.

How do I update the program?

After a new version of the application is released, the update request comes out automatically when the program starts. An Internet connection is required to update Roqed Apps. In the mobile version, the update takes place through the Play Market or the App Store.

Will I be able to add my pictures and models to the program?

You can send a request using the support button in the app and our developers will contact you.

How can I submit feedback and bug reports to Roqed Science?

You can write your message from the application by clicking on the “Send message” button. You can also use the feedback form by following the link, fill out the form and leave your message.

Free Trials:

Where can I download a trial version of Roqed Apps?

Visit Purchase at to download free demos of the apps

What happens if I've downloaded a trial version in the past and haven't bought a Roqed products? Can I download the trial version again?

Yes you can, but in the DEMO version, access to the rest of the models will be limited.

How to renew the program?

You need to contact our sales partners and purchase a license key renewal.

Purchase options:

What is an activation key?

An activation key is a special set of characters that must be entered in the activation field in order to fully use Roqed Apps. The activation key is purchased from our sales partners.

How can I purchase a Roqed Apps license?

When you are ready to discuss pricing, availability and product purchase, you should contact our sales manager. To do this, follow the link and fill out the form. Our person will definitely contact you as soon as possible.

How do I get a franchise?

There is no franchise option.

How can I become a distributor?

Please contact us using the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I get started with Roqed Apps?

To get started, check out the content web page or contact us using the form on the website. You can also check out our Youtube channel for video tutorials