Added new awesome scenes.

Added new awesome scenes.

New scenes added in the program ROQED Science:

Category 'Chemistry':
Functional groups of organic compounds.

Organic substances have distinctive properties due to the presence of a functional group. Without them, they consist only of a carbon skeleton, which weakly enters into chemical reactions.


Alcohols are organic compounds containing, in addition to carbon and hydrogen atoms, a hydroxyl group.


Benzene is an organic chemical compound, a colorless liquid with a specific sweet smell. The simplest aromatic hydrocarbon.

Category 'Physics':
Analog and digital signals. Analog signals

Our world is analog, all data consists of an infinite set of continuous values. For example, the brightness of the sun has an infinite number of possible variations, from dark when there is no light, to super-bright.

Category 'Biology':
The mechanism of action of auxin.

Auxin is a hormone produced by plants that stimulates growth processes. The auxin moves in the opposite direction from the light source.

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