Added new scenes!!!

Added new scenes!!!

New scenes added in ROQED Science

Category 'Physics':
Lorentz force.

The magnetic field can affect charged particles. This force is called the Lorentz force. The direction of the Lorentz force is determined by the left-hand rule.

Oscilloscope cathode-ray tube.

If a conductor with the current is placed in a magnetic field, the magnetic field will act on the conductor with an Ampere force. The power direction of the ampere force can be known, using the rule of the left hand.

Work and power of electric current.

The electrical appliances that we use in everyday life consume electricity and do some work. The formula for the operation of electricity is the product of charge and voltage. Power is the work divided by time.

Category 'Chemistry':

Alkenes are a class of organic compounds, their chemical properties are electrophilic addition reactions.


Titration is a method of calculating the concentration of a solution.

Category 'Biology':
The role of auxin in phototropism.

Phototropism is the growth of a plant towards a light source or in the opposite direction from it. Phototropism is possible due to the hormone auxin.

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