Added new awesome scenes!

Added new awesome scenes!
Particle element

New scenes added in ROQED Science

Category 'Physics'
The movement of bodies in a circle. Centripetal acceleration.
If a body moves in a circle, then the direction of its acceleration is perpendicular to the direction of speed, which causes the body to accelerate towards the center of the circle.
Satellite television.
Satellite television – is a television broadcast transmitted to viewers by means of communication satellites orbiting the Earth.
Particle element
Category 'Chemistry'
Structural isomerism.
The atoms, as well as the blocks of the constructor, can be combined into different structures. Molecules consisting of the same number of atoms are called isomers.
Category 'Biology'
Venus flytrap trap reaction.
The Venus Flycatcher is a carnivorous plant that gets a supply of nitrogenous compounds by catching and digesting insects.
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