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Transform professional training with our VR and AR solutions, designed to enhance competence in any field and manage any complexity effortlessly.

ROQED Mechanicum provides a desktop and VR-based training platform using accurate 3D replicas of equipment for professions requiring high precision, such as crane operators and heavy machinery operators. This approach not only cuts down on the logistical costs and safety risks of on-site training but also provides an effective, immersive learning environment.


Introducing Roqed Mechanicum for any enterprise.

Roqed Mechanicum™ is an educational and engineering platform for developing 3D courses and virtual reality applications. Platform allows enterprises from such fields as mining, industry, machinery, medicine, production etc. to order personalized, virtual educational courses for their staff and partners.

Lowering Operational Costs

Roqed Mechanicum can provide immersive, real-time, on-the-job training, which is irreplaceable for decreasing training costs in manufacturing industries, famous for the high technician turnover rates. All these tiny process improvements add up to reduced operational costs, especially when gauged against staff training costs, minimizing assembly errors and defects, and optimizing equipment repairs.

Quality Assurance

Cost of Quality includes keeping an eye on hundreds of small details that accumulate over time and result in more expensive products. With Roqed Mechanicum, prevention costs, appraisal costs, as well as internal and external failure costs can be brought down to a minimum, simply because Roqed Mechanicum adds another layer of checks of which the human eye is incapable.
Оптимизация бюджета на подготовку и обучение производственного персонала
Передовые производственные возможности и методическое сопровождение
Улучшенный процесс обучения через
Отраслевые решения для различных секторов
Обучение ПЭБ, ОТ и ГЗ
Обеспечение качества в обучении






Nodes and components






Types of repairs

How ROQED Mechanicum can be customized to address your needs?

ROQED Mechanicum is designed to support enterprises in their path of transforming staff training and building educational systems that develop relevant maintenance, repair and HSE skills and knowledge in safe educational environment.

Scenario based courses
At ROQED Mechanicum we can create an educational course based on maintenance and repair or HSE instructions with task allocation, job and specialties filters.
You can assign a specific specialist or a technology group to any maintenance, repair or exploration process creating realistic and almost hands-on learning experience.
You can transform the course into a simulation by adding tools to perform maintenance and repair activities.
You can customize any of our 10+ virtual locations with your logo and company name.
Categories and filtering
The platform is designed to be user friendly by category and filter functions, which can be updated based on your preferences.
You can decide on the number of users, their access levels and rights within your ROQED Mechanicum education platform.
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We proudly share ROQED Mechanicum achievements

Feedback and system performance tracking from real use cases show that ROQED Mechanicum provides unique solution which is already improving, accelerating and enhancing learning practices.


Faster development

Our comprehensive approach makes our platform more universal and allows us develop solutions for your Enterprise faster than our competitors.


Knowledge transfer

Knowledge is not lost and securely transferred when using 3D courses and virtual reality systems.


Reduction of the downtime

Maintenance and repair works are performed faster and with less errors due to constant and easy access to the 3D knowledge base.


Costs recovery

3D learning materials development and support costs are recouped within 1-3 years (depending on the use cases).

Implemented projects