In some lessons with animations to reinforce the topic, several types
of questions are prepared: multiple-choice questions and "True/
False" questions.

In Quiz Mode, you will see the question at the top, and the answer
choices at the bottom.

If your answer is correct, the screen will be highlighted in green, and
in case of an incorrect answer, it will be highlighted in red. After an
incorrect answer, you will see an animation showing the correct
answer. You also have the option to skip a question.

A small window on the side panel displays a timer counting the total
test time. You can finish the Quiz Mode at any time by clicking the
"Finish" button. Quiz results are saved in the system, and when
exiting the lesson, you will be asked to save the results to your

We are also developing a "Multi-Quiz" mode that allows students to
connect to the interactive board and take quizzes collectively using
the Roqed Student mobile application.

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