Train your staff to develop competence in any field in any complexity using VR and AR technology.

Mechanicum is a program for monitoring operation, maintenance, accident prevention, site safety and quality control instructions: to guide machine operators, service technicians, and quality assurance staff through the steps needed to perform a task.


Introducing Roqed Mechanicum for any enterprise.

Roqed Mechanicum™ is an educational and engineering platform for developing 3D courses and virtual reality applications. Platform allows enterprises from such fields as mining, industry, machinery, medicine, production etc. to order personalized, virtual educational courses for their staff and partners.

Lowering Operational Costs

Roqed Mechanicum can provide immersive, real-time, on-the-job training, which is irreplaceable for decreasing training costs in manufacturing industries, famous for the high technician turnover rates. All these tiny process improvements add up to reduced operational costs, especially when gauged against staff training costs, minimizing assembly errors and defects, and optimizing equipment repairs.

Quality Assurance

Cost of Quality includes keeping an eye on hundreds of small details that accumulate over time and result in more expensive products. With Roqed Mechanicum, prevention costs, appraisal costs, as well as internal and external failure costs can be brought down to a minimum, simply because Roqed Mechanicum adds another layer of checks of which the human eye is incapable.

Get unique, virtual 3D educational courses for your company and staff ready.

#1 Tell us what you need.
Describe the environment and provide us with all required information about internal processes such as maintenance, safety guideline, timing etc. No coding or modeling is needed.
#2 Let us develop.
With obtained data, we are able to build any type of 3D simulation and virtual environment with 1000 of details just for your company for any device (VR, AR, PC).
#3 Benefit from changes.
Implement Roqed Mechanicum platform to the training processes and increase efficiency of learning and experience transfer. Save money for personnel training and professional development. Return investment.

What is in ROQED Mechanicum

Web-service, or a closed server at the enterprise, which collects and consolidates:

Learn how to repair and maintain instruments, machinery, equipment and facilities using virtual assistant and digital twin.

Enjoy valid courses developed by the professionals from relative field and take an advantage of 24/7 support.

Have a complete digital manual about the sequence of processes and proper procedures under different conditions.

Use Mechanicum platform to build and program personal 3D models and virtual spaces to create real life experience of working in the filed: industry, production, machinery, mining etc.

Follow guides and immersive 3D simulations developed by the certified trainers to know how to act on emergency situations in particular field.






Nodes and components






Types of repair

What ROQED Mechanicum can do

Working on the basis of common universal data, Mechanicum™ simultaneously solves a number of enterprise problems related to staff training and building educational systems, as well as helping employees in production during repair and service works.

You can add a tool to any technological process or node that allows you to perform the current type of work, as well as view the instructions for working with the tool.
Type of repair
The Mechanicum web service allows you to enter and assign certain types of work for technological processes. Platform modes allow you to filter by jobs and specialties.
You can assign a specific specialist or technology group to any node or process. When you start the mode, you can select the necessary specialist.
The service allows you to instantly change locations and thus move a node to a new environment for it. At the moment, there are more than 10 different locations available.
Categories and filtering
For more convenient operation and classification among hundreds and thousands of nodes, you can add categories and filter them.
The creation of user groups, the allocation of rights and management involved employees who work on the sites.
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Some statistics from Mechanicum3D

Unique solution which is already improving, accelerating and enhancing industries.


Development speed up

Content development through the universal platform tools is significantly increased compared to non-formalized approach.


Experience transfer

The percentage of knowledge survival increases when using 3D courses and virtual reality systems.


Acceleration of work

The time of repair and maintenance works is reduced due to the rapid access of personnel to the General knowledge base.


Cost recovery

All costs of implementing the system are recouped within 1-3 years (depending on the use cases).


It is possible to integrate the platform with existing information systems, as well as work as part of a digital twin of the enterprise.

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Mechanicum industrial panels

Panels for use in workshops and conveyors of enterprises with the installed Mechanicum platform.

3D Mechanicum programs for PC

Training and production programs and services for use on personal computers in real production, as well as in methodological and engineering centers.

One platform. One format. Multiple solutions

Once creating Mechanicum nodes, users apply this data in a wide range of training and production tasks using the Platform’s client modules:

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Mechanicum mobile apps

Mobile apps for personal use on smartphones, tablets, and other types of mobile devices.

VR, AR, MR Mechanicum

A line of applications for augmented and virtual reality devices. They are used both for training purposes and as assistants in various types of work.

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