At ROQED, we believe in embracing technological advancements to revolutionize education. Our commitment to innovation is evident in the success story of SmartLab Private School in Singapore. Faced with challenges in engaging students in physics, the school integrated ROQED Science’s 3D visualization tools. This innovative approach resulted in a 40% increase in student participation, improved assessment scores by 25%, and positive feedback on the simplified learning of complex topics.


We are dedicated to making high-quality education accessible to all. The explosive success of ROQED in India, with the sale of 17, 000 licenses in the last three quarters, exemplifies our commitment to accessibility. Our products have proven their value in India’s rapidly growing educational landscape, sustaining to diverse needs and ensuring that cutting-edge educational tools are within reach for everyone.


Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. The success of our partners in Mexico actively participating in tenders and securing valuable contracts showcases the power of collaboration. By working closely with the Mexican government, ROQED demonstrated the effectiveness of its solutions in delivering high-quality educational technology and advancing the educational sector in Mexico.


We strive to make a positive impact on education worldwide. In South Africa, where traditional laboratory access is challenging, our virtual laboratory solution filled a critical gap. The positive response from educators highlights the impact ROQED products can have in regions with specific educational needs, contributing to a positive impact on education worldwide.