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Our path to success

ROQED was founded in 2020.
The journey began when we identified the need for innovative educational solutions that could bridge the gap between theory and practice. Starting as a small team with a big vision, ROQED launched its flagship product, ROQED Science, in 2021.

This product quickly gained recognition for its transformative impact on education.
Since then, ROQED has achieved remarkable success and recognition. Our partnerships with educational institutions and distributors have expanded our global presence, allowing us to reach students and teachers in diverse learning environments.

What is our Target Market?

K-12 Teachers

Classroom teachers from

kindergarten to high school

who seek innovative

educational tools to engage

and inspire their students.

Higher Education Instructors

College and university professors

interested in enhancing their

teaching methods and improving

learning outcomes.

E-Learning Professionals

Instructors and content

creators in the online

education and e-learning

sector looking to create

interactive and engaging


Tutors and
Educational Centers

Individuals and

organizations offering

tutoring or supplementary

educational services.

ROQED is a dynamic and innovative EdTech company that is revolutionizing the world of education through cutting-edge interactive solutions.

Our mission is to provide educators and students with the tools and resources needed to transform traditional learning into an engaging and immersive experience.

For physics enthusiasts, ROQED Physics Lab offers a virtual space where school students can conduct a variety of physics experiments. This platform goes beyond traditional learning by providing hands-on experiences in a digital setting, allowing students to explore the laws of the physical world.

Our flagship product, ROQED Science, is a dynamic platform where students can explore and understand 3D models in physics, chemistry, and biology. Teachers can utilize over 1000 models to create engaging presentations directly within the application, promoting an immersive and interactive learning environment.

In the field of medical education, Pathology 3D is designed for medical students. This specialized solution enables students to learn and simulate virtual operations, examinations of patients, and various medical procedures.

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