Types of microscopes


Types of microscopes




Microscope is an optical device for increasing the size of the object under study. They are divided into several types: 1) The composite microscope consists of several lenses that build an image or a combination of lenses located near the object and projecting its image into the eyepiece. Composite microscope is the most commonly used type of microscopes. An optical microscope is a type of compound microscope, which uses a simple pair of lenses to increase the image of small objects. To illuminate the object, a small moving mirror is used, reinforced under the subject table. 2) A digital microscope is equipped with an electronic chamber that is connected to a liquid crystal display or a personal computer. As a rule, there are no eyepieces for direct observation by the eye. The fluorescent microscope is a specialized type of light microscope, in which instead of the effects of reflection and absorption of light in the preparation, the phenomenon of fluorescence or phosphorescence is used for observations. 3) Electronic microscope is one of the most complex and important types of microscopes, which has the ability to give extremely high increases. In the electron microscope, electrons are used for the image of the smallest items of the object. Electronic microscopes are much more powerful than optical microscopes. 4) Stereomicroscope, also called the preparation microscope, is equipped with two lenses and two eyepieces, which makes it possible to see the drug in a three-dimensional image. Most light microscopes include the following parts: eyepiece, bed, illuminator, subject table, revolving holder of lenses, lenses, condenser.