Geography of Kazakhstan – Relief of Kazakhstan


Geography of Kazakhstan - Relief of Kazakhstan


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Kazakhstan occupies a ninth place in the world in the area and is located in the center of the continent of Eurasia. In the East, North and North-West, Kazakhstan borders with Russia, in the south - with Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan, and in the south-east - with China. The terrain of the area of ​​Kazakhstan is diverse. 63% of the territory occupy a steppe; deserts and semi-deserts - 25%; 10% - Mountains. In the north of the republic, forest-steppe prevail. 23% of the country is suitable for agriculture, 70% for distant animal husbandry. The lowest point of Kazakhstan - Wpadina Karakia on the Mangusta Peninsula - 132 meters below the world's ocean. The highest - Khan-Tengri peak is 6,995 m. The main properties of the climate of Kazakhstan are its sharp continentality and uneven distribution of natural precipitation.