Dnepr engines


Dnepr engines




Around 1970 came the 650 cm3 overhead valve engine from the Kyiv factory, at first in the K750 chassis called the K650, later on developed and sold under the name Dnepr. This engine was used for the motorcylces produced at the Kiyv motorcycle plant. In 1973 came the Dnepr MT 9 fitted with a new gearbox with reverse gear and altered electrics. After that came the MT10 model with 12 volt electrics, the MT 11 with brakes on the sidecar wheel, and the MT16 with side car wheel traction. Lots of parts are common since the K750M, like the differential, front fork, wheels and front mudgurard. The Dnepr factory is still state owned. Production has stood idle since 2009 though spare parts are occasionally produced.