Complete and realistic virtual experimental physics lab
Bringing immersive technology to schools

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More than 40 built-in real life experiments and 250 physics lab tools and instruments to create even more.

The ROQED Physics

Enjoy complete set of equipment to conduct any possible lab in virtual physics classroom

Try all virtual simulations that corresponds to the laws of nature

Feel the accurate and realistic 3D models, create immersive experience into the virtual world

Run more than 40 pre-installed experiments with step-by-step instructions

ROQED Physics corresponds to all chapters of K-12 Physics:




Hydrostatics and Pressure

Thermodynamics and molecular physics
Electric Circuits

Electricity and Magnetism

Waves and Optics

Virtual lab

Use any lab tool anywhere in virtual world
Create any type of experiment with only real world physics limitation
Change values and characteristics
Repeat experiments, understand the error
Construct graphics, do the math and solve real world problems

What ROQED Physics can do?

The instruments and objects can be controlled by a touch screen interactive panel or PC mouse;

Roqed Physics recognizes the following gestures at interactive panel: a single tap / press, double tap / tap, swipe up / down / right / left, tap and drag, tap and pull, pinch with two fingers;

Roqed Physics easily recognizes various gestures by fingers, such as pulling object, rotating models by at least 360 degrees, moving them in the working area of the screen and zooming objects to view more details;

Roqed Physics gives full option on creating lesson plans for certain lectures in advance. Users have an option to switch from Author mode to User mode to prepare, demonstrate or to conduct the labs;

All created virtual experiments and simulations can be saved on the local computer and Cloud storage. When a user moves from one station to another, the Roqed Physics automatically synchronizes labs and 3D objects (position, view, design) in the other work station;

With Roqed Physics, teachers can create lab questions for students, share them on their working stations and receive answers;

The ROQED Physics can be installed on a ROQED InterActive flat panel or any other MultiTouch devices/PC. Check compatibility of our device by contacting us;

Software has an interface and all educational content in English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, Italian, Kazakh, Russian and Indonesian languages.

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Comtable with Touch Panel
Comtable with PC, Smartphones, Tablets
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ROQED Physics Classroom


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